Welcome to the official website of ANT.
Across this site you will find exclusive t-shirts and prints featuring various artworks, along with original paintings. From political prints to t-shirts of iconic musicians. 
All designs and products of this unique brand are derived from original illustrations and paintings by ANT.


"I'm a 
contemporary artist who is passionate about illustrating social and political issues. 
Along with controversial pieces, I also specialize in portrait pop art style paintings and illustrations of iconic people and scenes; as well as commission pieces and murals. 
I have experience in different forms of visual communication - painting, professional photography, graphic design, and sketching live portraits. 

I use my faith and the issues in this world to also inspire spiritual concepts in some of my artwork.
All my life I have been passionate about creativity and spreading messages through art - and that is my mission - to create for the world.
I started this exclusive brand and store to showcase my original designs and offer them to you as t-shirts, prints and original pieces."  - ANT

Take a look around the store, add @ant_the_artist on social media, and please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss his art further. 

Official ANT artwork is available as prints, t-shirts & merchandise with free US shipping - please click here to see the exclusive online store. 

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